Gender: Male
    Age: Adult
    Coat Length: Short
    Cat Type

    • gray and white

    You may remember from our facebook page, Eeyore was found strangely shaved and in HORRIBLE shape 😢 

    He is looking and feeling so much better- his fur is slowly getting whiter from whatever the nasty stuff was all over him.  
    His fur is growing back on his private parts and tail.  (By the way a “portion” of his private parts went bye bye when he was neutered 🤣) He is such a sweet boy 💞Thank you so much to everyone who bought items to make him more comfortable and give him peace knowing he was safe. 

    Unfortunately he has now been diagnosed with FIV.  FIV can be spread through deep bites only but since he’d been through such a rough life and apparently a street cat, we assume that’s how he got it.  Protecting himself.  He’s also used to having to be a fighter. 

    If you already have FIV kitties or Eeyore would be an only kitty, come meet him! 

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